Woman from Kent Seriously Injured after Lying in Road following an Argument

According to the authorities in Kent, a woman allegedly remained lying in a road after holding an argument with a man. News sources claim that the woman was seriously injured after being run over by a vehicle going southbound on Nisqually Cut Off Road. The Washington State Patrol announced the victim was taken to the Hospital sustaining multiple broken bones and an unfortunate head trauma.

The man arguing with the woman was allegedly her boyfriend. He was later taken by the authorities and is now held under the custody of the police. The WSP claims that he might have been drinking and driving before the woman was found lying in the road.

The accident allegedly happened sometime after 8:40 p.m. when the 47-year-old woman from Kent and the 49-year-old-man from Tacoma were driving together. According to the reports, they were both intoxicated when an argument was initiated leading the woman to get out of the car.

The reason behind her wanting to be lying on the floor amidst the traffic is unknown.

The case is being investigated and no other details were released regarding this accident. The driver who ran the woman over wasn’t injured.

As a Tacoma car accident lawyer I urge all drivers to stay away from your vehicle if you’re going to drink. Never leave the scene of an accident and be especially attentive of the road while driving at nighttime. In the case of an involvement of you or a loved one with a car accident that is not your fault, don’t delay in calling a personal injury lawyer to assist you.

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