Teen Driver Allegedly Arrested After Reckless Behavior

According to different news sources, a teenager was allegedly involved in a crash after trying to pass several different vehicles on a busy Highway last Thursday morning.

The reports from the local authorities show the teen was later arrested after being charged with reckless driving after causing injuries to her teenager passenger.

The 19-year-old was going eastbound on the highway when she decided to pass several vehicles at a high speed. According to the local Highway Patrol, at a certain point the driver used the right shoulder to continue to pass vehicles.

Allegedly, the teen finally lost control of her car leading it to spin several times across the two lanes of the Highway. The car left the road, hit a fence and overturned falling back on its tires.

Even though she was driving recklessly, there were no drugs or alcohol found in the driver’s blood.

The 19-year-old passenger from Clearlake sustained some minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. The local officers said she was aided as soon as they arrived at the scene. A personal injury lawyer could be of great help to the passenger at this moment.

After short investigations and some data collected from the witnesses, the authorities realized she should be taken under their custody for her reckless driving.

As a Federal Way car accident lawyer I hope that all young drivers reading this post will look at this accident as a way of understanding how dangerous engaging in a reckless behavior can be.

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