Car Collision in Everett Sends a Man to Intensive Care

According to the news, a 28-year-old man from Seattle is allegedly under a severe condition after his car collided against a barrier on 1-5. The accident took place in Everett and involved only one vehicle.

There aren’t many details on the crash and the factors that led the man to drive his car against the barrier but the Washington State Patrol has stated that the Ford Focus he was driving collided sometime after 12 p.m. and left the traffic restricted for some time.

According to the authorities, the man is in an intensive care unit. There are no more details regarding the conditions of the road prior to the crash.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I wish a fast recovery for the victim of this crash. I understand that there cannot be any conclusions regarding the causes of the accident until the Washington State Patrol fully investigates this collision.

personal injury lawyer can help if you ever suffer a health problem as a result of a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver. Don’t delay in contacting an attorney that can help you to understand your rights and come back regularly to this blog to keep up with personal injury news in your area.

Car Collision in Everett Sends a Man to Intensive Care is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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Collision in Clearview sends Motorcyclist to the Hospital

According to reports from the Washington State Patrol, a man from Monroe was rushed to the hospital early Monday morning after his motorcycle crashed.

The 48-year-old man was riding his motorcycle near the intersection of Highway 9 and 176th Street SE when a Kia Soul driven by a 17-year-old girl allegedly from Snohomish, was turning onto 176th Street SE. Both vehicles collided leaving the man with non-life-threatening injuries. Reports from the authorities say the girl was left unharmed.

There aren’t many details regarding the crash, but news articles stated that the motorcyclist tried to escape the heavy traffic by driving onto the shoulder before the collision.

As an Everett personal injury lawyer, I urge all drivers and bikers to be alert. A slow traffic won’t make your chances for an accident less likely to happen.

If you’re only worried about making somewhere in time, you will not be mindful of others sharing the road with you. In the case of a collision that might have been caused by distract driving, contact a car accident lawyer so you can be assisted by those who are familiar with the experience you went through.

Motorcyclist Injured in Accident with Amphibious Vehicle

News outlets reported that a motorcyclist sustained moderate injuries in an accident involving a “Ride-the-Duck” amphibious tourist vehicle in Seattle Monday afternoon.

According to authorities, the accident occurred just prior to 2:30pm at the intersection of Third Avenue and Pike Street when the motorcyclist came to a stop in front of the amphibious vehicle at the traffic signal on Pike Street. The amphibious vehicle failed to yield, pulled into the intersection and struck the motorcycle. The biker, reported to be in his 50s, became “entangled” in the undercarriage of the “Ride-the-Duck” vehicle and was dragged across the intersection before coming through the back end of the vehicle. Witnesses found the victim roughly 20 feet from his motorcycle.

Emergency crews transported the motorcyclist to Harborview Medical Center for the treatment of his injuries. He was initially categorized as being in serious condition, but has since been reevaluated to satisfactory condition. Rescue workers stated that, when they arrived at the scene, the man was conscious and had been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident and have yet to issue any citations.

As an Everett motorcycle accident lawyer, I’ve seen similar accidents in the past and am relieved to learn that this man was not more seriously injured in what could have been a deadly crash. If you’ve been injured in an accident that you believe was the direct result of the negligent actions of another driver, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area.

Motorcyclist Injured in Accident with Amphibious Vehicle is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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