Effectiveness of Ban Against Cell Phones While Driving Put to Test

Personal injury lawyers understand that using the cell phone while one’s behind the wheel can cause severe or even fatal accidents. Talking or texting while driving isn’t just a distraction, it’s a life-threatening risk.

Even though we are all very aware of these facts, the ban on cell phone use hasn’t been allegedly proved to be as effective as we once thought it would be. According to many news sources, the evidence is simply not conclusive. The reports from the many authorities investigating this show no significant change in the number of crashes due to less cell phone usage on the road.

The news have also stated that the number of cell phones in use since the year of 1990 went from 4 million to 322 million but the number of general car accidents has lowered.

The States where the cell phone usage was banned have seen no difference in the number of crashes, reports the Highway Loss Data Institute. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has noticed an increase in accident claims from drivers hiding their texting because of the ban.

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I understand that distracted driving can lead to many fatal accidents but maybe all we need is some more time to really understand the consequences of the cell phone ban.

Whenever a loved one is involved in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver, don’t hesitate and contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

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