Man Killed After Accident in Sunnyside, Driver Fled The Scene

Several news sources have reported an accident involving a car wreck in Sunnyside. Authorities claim the driver who caused the crash fled the scene.

According to the news, a 20-year-old passenger was ejected and killed after the driver lost control of his vehicle. The car drifted off the road and over-corrected causing the vehicle to roll. According to the authorities the driver left the scene just after the accident. The Washington State Patrol reports show that his identity and whereabouts are still unknown.

The remaining passengers were taken to the hospital as soon as the authorities arrived at the scene. Officials say that speed is believed to be the cause behind the wreck and that if you have any information on this accident or the suspect, you may contact the authorities.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I’m terribly sorry to hear about this tragic occurrence. My heart goes out to the victim’s family and loved ones; hopefully they are receiving the support they need in this difficult time.

Whenever you’re the victim of an accident that was induced by the recklessness of others, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to assist you with your case.

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Two Men Were Allegedly Killed In Two Different Crashes Last Friday

According to several local news outlets, there were two separate collisions that happened on Friday night.

An accident on SR 105 claimed the life of a driver who was involved in an accident where the vehicle hit a mailbox, a parked car and a tree after leaving the road mysteriously.

The second fatal accident that happened on Friday night involved a 43-year-old man who was driving eastbound on State Route 12 when he drifted off the road collided against the guard rail and crossed to the westbound lane hitting another vehicle coming from the opposite way.

The driver on the car hit by the distracted driver was allegedly airlifted to the hospital.

Other passengers were also taken to the hospital, but the use of an helicopter wasn’t necessary.

As a Vancouver auto accident lawyer, I hope all injured victims of any of the car accidents from Friday will recover quickly. I also urge all readers to never drive while drowsy or distracted by something other than the road ahead of you.

Personal injury lawyers send their hearts and thoughts to the families of the two men who were tragically killed in these two separate accidents and wish the injured victims a thorough recovery.