Rx Lockers Recalled, Containers Could Open Unexpectedly

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the product’s manufacturer Locker Brand Inc. Of Henderson, Nevada is recalling certain Medicine Bottle Storage Containers.

Consumers are being advised they should stop using these items due to the possibility the product’s lock can become loose, which could lead the container to open unexpectedly. This issue could pose a threat since unauthorized individuals could have access to the medicine that is stored inside these containers.

According to the federal agency, there are 59,600 units affected by this recall. The company has stated that no injuries or illnesses related to these products were reported so far.

As a Bellevue injury lawyer, I urge you to contact the company immediately. If you own one of these recalled units, you can return the item to the company at once and ask for a full refund. Do not delay.

If you or a dear friend is ever harmed through the use or consumption of a recalled product, keep it in mind that you could contact a personal injury lawyer in your city to fight for your legal right.

Infiniti Q45 Recalled, Air Bags Could Fail to Deploy

According to several news outlets, multiple models of the Infiniti Q45 vehicles manufactured by Nissan are being recalled over a possible issue with the car’s air bags.

The official statement has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it has demonstrated that about 5,700 units of the models 2003, 2004 and 2005 Infiniti Q45 sedans are equipped with an electrical wiring that could be disconnected if the driver or passenger attempt to adjust their seats.

This problem could lead to a probable malfunction of the vehicle’s air bag system, which could then result in the air bags failing to deploy in the event of a crash.

As an injury lawyer in Seattle I agree with the federal agency and hope all owners of the 2003 to 2005 Infiniti Q45 vehicles will contact the company at once to schedule a free inspection. The company has claimed that if necessary, a repair of the vehicle’s wiring system will be provided free of charge.

Don’t wait until you’re injured to respond to a recall, act fast and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

‘Santa Claus’ Rescues 4-year-old From The Traffic

According to the Washington State Patrol and other news outlets, a truck driver alelgedly saved a 4-year-old boy who happened to wander away from the house that belonged to his aunt somewhere close to Eltopia.

The reports from the Washington State Patrol claim that the driver found the boy on Highway 395. The boy who’s now safe at home with his aunt, left the house when she was allegedly taking a shower.

The authorities say the kid ran a mile away and ended up at a median, just north of Pasco when the truck driver saw him from his vehicle.

The driver claims the boy came to him without any major hesitations, maybe because he thought the driver looked like Santa Claus. After a call to 911, Child Protective Services came to the kid’s rescue so he could be reunited with his family.

As a Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer and a parent, I hope that the 4-year-old boy is doing well. There are many moments when our children like to act out of peer spontaneity and carefreeness, we must always be attentive so a similar situation won’t turn out badly.

Whenever you or a loved one had an issue regarding the well being of a child provoked by a third party, don’t hesitate in contacting a professional personal injury lawyer who will handle your case accordingly.

‘Santa Claus’ Rescues 4-year-old From The Traffic is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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Drug Recalls Rising, FDA Assumes an Aggressive Approach

According to articles from different sources nationwide, drug recalls are becoming more and more numerous every year. The pharmaceutical recalls have allegedly skyrocketed to 150 in the third quarter of 2010 alone. FDA Enforcement Reports details that the spike in drug recalls has a lot to do with the aggressive activity from FDA and their authorities against pharmaceutical industry’s mistakes.

A Medical waste manager has claimed that the FDA increasing the tough supervision on pharmaceutical supply will affect consumers worldwide directly. Safety issues have been of great priority to the FDA in the past 5 years. The nation saw a few scandals regarding drug recalls in the past 7 years. Reports have demonstrated that the agency suffers major pressure from the Congress to keep the supply chain under extensive control.

The FDA has announced that officials are attempting to make a deal with generic drug makers by proposing that foreign plants that manufactures most of the generic products should be inspected with a certain frequency.

As an Everett Personal Injury Lawyer I urge all readers to return to this blog regularly all recall news in the Nation can be delivered to readers in a timely manner. Personal injury lawyers are always happy to help you with any doubt you may have regarding your personal injury case, do not delay in contacting someone close to you.

Kirk Bernard

Drug Recalls Rising, FDA Assumes an Aggressive Approach is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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