Distracted Driver Caused Fatal Chain Collision, Texted Before Crash

A 19-year-old who reportedly sent and received 11 text messages just before hitting the back of a tractor truck, caused a fatal chain collision in Missouri. The news articles from the time of the accident reported that the accident involved the teen’s pickup truck, the tractor truck he drove into at 55 mph and two school buses following right behind the teen.

The unfortunate and entirely preventable accident claimed the lives of the distracted teen and a 15-year-old who was riding in one of the buses. According to the local news, the kids were headed to the Six Flags St. Louis amusement park on that day. Local Police enforcement claims no text or phone call should be more important than the countless lives we put in danger every time we handle our phones behind the wheel.

The authorities hope that this accident will serve as a real example of the severe consequences of texting and driving, which is already an illegal practice in several states. Pulling to a side street so you can call or text someone is much more responsible than trying to do so while driving. Using a headset while behind the wheel can also keep you from losing track of what happens around you and downloading an app that will block your phone every time it senses you’re driving can also help you to stay away from the temptation of engaging in this highly risky practice.

As a Renton car accident lawyer I send my thoughts to the relatives of the young teens who lost their lives as a result of this tragic accident, I truly hope similar accidents will be forever eradicated.

Personal injury lawyers are always available to answer your questions related to an accident caused by a third party that might have left you or a loved one severely injured, do not delay in contacting one in your area whenever needed.

U.S. Drivers Admit To Engaging In ‘Distracting’ Behaviors

Many behaviors can be classified as distracted demeanors. Handling a cell phone device while driving is surely one of them, but according to different news outlets, while driving you shouldn’t be manipulating foods and drinks since it can also be  perceived a severe distraction.

The majority of drivers in the U.S. admit to being somewhat distracted while driving many times. Some state they have been distracted to highly dangerous extends before. A survey conducted online shows that 86 percent of all adults have handled food and beverages while driving and 59 percent have engaged in conversations using handheld cell phones.

Drinking and driving was also covered by the recent survey; a quarter of participants have admitted to driving after having a couple of drinks and an alarming 44 percent claim they have felt drowsy while driving.

As a Bellingham auto accident attorney I hope that all drivers reading this post will be more attentive while driving so they won’t engage in behaviors that may pose as accident hazards in the future.

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U.S. Drivers Admit To Engaging In ‘Distracting’ Behaviors is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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Distracted Driving on the Rise

According to recent studies, there was a significant increase in auto accidents as soon as mobile gadgetry became prominent in vehicles. People preferred taking calls while they are driving, and the date gets worse when people attempt sending text messages while behind the wheel. The total number of accidents that occurred for these reasons is excessive. There is a need for laws that can aid in preventing people from being a part of these distracted driving practices. Unfortunately, a large number of accidents still occur as a result of these distracted driving habits, as many people do not abide by all traffic laws when driving.

In case you are one of those who have suffered in an auto accident that was not your fault and resulted in you having any kind of personal injury, it is highly recommended that you seek out an experienced personal injury attorney that can be helpful in legally representing you. This will aid you in easily filing a claim and receiving your well-deserved compensation. You will see that most insurance companies only deal with damages that are related to the automobile, but not for any sort of damages that are suffered by individuals. This is where having the right personal injury attorney can benefit you, by aiding you through the confusing and complex process of insurance liability claims.

As a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen the devastating effects of car accidents resulting from distracted driving. If you’ve been injured in an accident that you believe was the result of another’s distracted driving, it may be in your best interest to call a personal injury lawyer in your area.

Distracted Driving on the Rise is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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