School Bus Hit By Vehicle, No Injuries Reported

According to the local news, an accident involving a school bus and a small vehicle happened last Tuesday sometime around 8:40 in the morning in Pasco, Washington.

The official reports from the Washington State Patrol reveal that the vehicle hit the school bus at the intersection of Fenway Drive and Road 60. The troopers at the scene announced that three students were on board at the time of the accident but weren’t injured in any way.

Paramedics responded to the call and checked the students without having to transport them to the local Hospital. While the authorities cleared up the road, the kids were taken to the school on another bus.

The Washington State Patrol is still investigating the accident. No details on how the accident took place or whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the collision were revealed to the media.

As a Bellingham car accident lawyer I’m glad to hear there were no injured students as a result of this accident. As a lawyer and a parent, I hold our children’s safety as a priority. I’m certain that the authorities will work hard to investigate this accident and will come to a conclusion on what caused it in a timely manner.

Whenever you or a loved one experiences an accident that was caused by a distracted or erratic driver, contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

School Bus Hit By Vehicle, No Injuries Reported is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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ACEP Offers Tips for Child Safety

In a news release, the American College of Emergency Physicians offered several safety tips on how to keep your Halloween safe for you and your children. According to the US Census Bureau, last year approximately 41 million children between the ages of 5 and 14-year-old participated in trick-or-treating, and they estimate roughly 161 million will be involved this year. And this year, many families are celebrating this holiday later in the week.

If you do plan on taking your children door-to-door in the tradition of hunting for candy, here are some general safety tips that can help to keep your family safe. These tips can be applied to building good pedestrian safety habits with children as well.

Always use flashlights, glow sticks and reflective tape or clothing to help make you and your children more visible to the surrounding drivers at night. The average vision of a driver drops a significant percentage at night, so being as visible as possible is essential to safety.

Parents should escort children down the block if they are younger than 12-years-old.

Do not allow children to run from house to house and remind them to always look both ways before crossing the street. As visibility decreases at night, so does reaction time for motorists. Walking and pausing before entering the pathways of vehicles, including in driveways, increases the chances for safety.

Walk on the sidewalk. Walking across lawns exposes you and your children to the tripping hazards of wires and ornaments.

Reinforce the rules of the street, only allowing children to cross at crosswalks and reminding them never to run between parked cars.

Dr. Sandra Schneider, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, said, “Children should be having fun and spending time with family and friends. They should not have to spend Halloween in the ER because of some injury that could have been easily prevented.”

As an Everett personal injury lawyer, I hope that by making this information more readily available, you and your family will have a fun, safe Halloween night. If you’ve suffered injury due to the negligent actions of another, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in your town.

ACEP Offers Tips for Child Safety is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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