Distracted Driver Caused Fatal Chain Collision, Texted Before Crash

A 19-year-old who reportedly sent and received 11 text messages just before hitting the back of a tractor truck, caused a fatal chain collision in Missouri. The news articles from the time of the accident reported that the accident involved the teen’s pickup truck, the tractor truck he drove into at 55 mph and two school buses following right behind the teen.

The unfortunate and entirely preventable accident claimed the lives of the distracted teen and a 15-year-old who was riding in one of the buses. According to the local news, the kids were headed to the Six Flags St. Louis amusement park on that day. Local Police enforcement claims no text or phone call should be more important than the countless lives we put in danger every time we handle our phones behind the wheel.

The authorities hope that this accident will serve as a real example of the severe consequences of texting and driving, which is already an illegal practice in several states. Pulling to a side street so you can call or text someone is much more responsible than trying to do so while driving. Using a headset while behind the wheel can also keep you from losing track of what happens around you and downloading an app that will block your phone every time it senses you’re driving can also help you to stay away from the temptation of engaging in this highly risky practice.

As a Renton car accident lawyer I send my thoughts to the relatives of the young teens who lost their lives as a result of this tragic accident, I truly hope similar accidents will be forever eradicated.

Personal injury lawyers are always available to answer your questions related to an accident caused by a third party that might have left you or a loved one severely injured, do not delay in contacting one in your area whenever needed.

Pedestrian Allegedly Killed In Kennewick After Being Struck By Two Vehicles

A pedestrian related accident happened early Sunday and left many Kennewick residents allegedly shocked, different news sources state.

The man involved in the accident was reportedly dropped off on the exit ramp some time prior to the accident. He was walking on Highway 240 when two different vehicles hit him.

According to the official statement from the Washington State Patrol, the two drivers remained at the scene of the accident so they could collaborate with the investigators.

No other details regarding this accident were reported, only that unfortunately the man did not survive this sad accident. Gladly, the local authorities and the Washington State Patrol will be able to investigate this thoroughly so personal friends and family of the man who tragically lost his life will understand the cause behind his death.

The man was 23 years old at the time of the incident.

As a Bellevue personal injury lawyer I offer my deepest and sincerest condolences to those close to the pedestrian who was fatally struck last Sunday.

Any personal injury lawyer will be able to help you to defend your rights as the victim of an accident that was caused by a third party. Do not hesitate to find the right personal injury lawyer in your area anytime it’s needed.

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Boy Is Struck By Car, Minor Injuries Reported

According to the Washington State Patrol and local news sources, a 10-year-old boy from Vancouver was struck by a vehicle’s side mirror on Highway 14.

The reports from the authorities show that the boy was struck while in the median of Highway 14, close to the Lieser Road. The kid stepped into traffic Sunday, some time after 11:20 a.m. when a 2003 Oldsmobile going westbound on Highway 14 hit him. The vehicle was driven by a woman also from Vancouver.

Officers from the Washington State Patrol claim that the boy suffered an injury on his right arm and cheek. The authorities have informed news outlets that the boy’s father took him to the hospital right away and that no other injuries were reported.

As a Vancouver personal injury lawyer I hope all drivers will be extremely careful when it comes to watching the road for unattended children, wildlife and stopped vehicles. I wish the boy who suffered this minor accident will recover quickly.

I sincerely hope that this may serve as an alert to all parents, hopefully they will educate their children about pedestrian and road safety.

A personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance whenever you’re involved in an accident caused by a third party. Do not delay in contacting a personal injury lawyer in your area whenever necessary.

Boy Is Struck By Car, Minor Injuries Reported is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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Niho Trucks Are Being Recalled Due to Possible Disruption Risk

Different News outlets have been reporting since early that the commercial trucks manufactured by Hino Motors Sales U.S.A., INC. are being recalled.

According to the announcement, a possible axle assembly malfunction is the reason behind the recall. The manufacturer claims that the model 2012 of the following Hino trucks must be taken fixed immediately: ND8J, NE8J, NJ8J and NV8J.

All of the commercial trucks produced from July through September 2011 may have had a rear axle installation issue during the assembly of the vehicle.

The axle and wheel-end retainer on the front were installed incorrectly by the assembly team of the manufacturer. Because of this issue, the vehicle can lose it’s wheel-hub, which will result in the wheels being disconnected from the vehicle, which can result in several accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline is available for all consumers and owners who have any questions regarding the recall. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I hope these vehicles will be taken off the road as fast as possible.

A competent personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance in the case of a truck accident that was caused by a third party. By contacting the right professional, you guarantee your case an excellent outcome.

Niho Trucks Are Being Recalled Due to Possible Disruption Risk is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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Motorists Must Learn How to Keep From Driving While Drowsy

Drowsy driving has been proved to be fatal, according to State troopers. News have reported that the Drowsy Driving Prevention week wants to educate drivers regarding the many different ways one can keep away from falling asleep at the wheel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is solely responsible for over 1,500 deaths and as many as 71,000 accidents with injured victims every year. As stated by a Washington State Patrol officer, accidents related to drowsy driving are preventable.

Troopers will remind motorists to notice the first signs of drowsy driving and react as fast as possible. According to the reports, feeling irritable and restless, having difficulty keeping your head up and missing traffic signs are all signals that you must find a safe place to stop the car and take a nap.

Washington State Patrol officers also recommend all drivers to have a good night of sleep before hitting the road and remember that at the first sign of drowsy driving, don’t continue to drive ahead, it could be fatal.

As an Olympia car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear that there are so many deaths related to drowsy driving every year. I urge all readers to participate in the Drowsy Driving Prevention week so future accidents may be prevented. Whenever you’re involved in an accident caused by the reckless driving of a third party, contact a personal injury lawyer to assist you with your case.

Three-car Accident Jams the traffic on Interstate 5

According to the news and the Washington State Patrol, morning commute just got a little harder for all drivers taking the Interstate 5 in Lynwood this Monday morning.

Some time after 7 a.m., a collision that involved three different vehicles jammed the traffic. As far as we know, there weren’t many details regarding the reasons behind the accident. It is known however that the backup extended for four miles and made all commuters pretty unhappy.

The Washington State Patrol is still investigating the crash since there were no reports on how it all started or whose fault it might have been. Road conditions or technical issues with the cars could also have influenced the crash.

As a Bellevue car accident lawyer I sincerely hope there aren’t any severe injuries reported from this accident. Although it may have caused a great deal of delay to all commuters who happened to travel through that area, the most important thing is to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Any accident that might have been caused by a third party and that has put your life at risk should be dealt by a professional car accident lawyer that will expose the other driver’s negligence and assist you with your case.

Three-car Accident Jams the traffic on Interstate 5 is a post from: Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

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