North End Crashes Leave 6 Injured

According to local news, six people were allegedly left injured as a result of two separate crashes.

Crews from the North Kitsap Fire & Rescue had to be dispatched on Thursday for the first accident sometime after 3 p.m., the accident happened on Bond Road at Calvary Lane. According to official statements, two vehicles were involved: a sedan driving eastbound with three teens and a van that was rear-ended by the compact vehicle while it was stopped waiting to perform a left turn.

The Washington State Patrol has confirmed that all individuals involved in this crash were taken to the hospital.

The second crash occurred after 5 p.m. and it also involved two vehicles. This accident was reported as a T-bone collision and it happened on Hansville Road at NE 288th Street. As a precautionary act, one person was taken to the hospital.

As a Federal Way car accident attorney I hope that all drivers and passengers involved in these crashes will have a prompt recovery.

As a personal injury lawyer I urge all drivers to remember that distracted driving and drinking and driving are offenses that can result in severe ramifications. Be alert and responsible, safety begins with you.

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