Man Injured After Hitting a Boulder Off The Road

A single car accident was responsible for a man from Allyn being injured on Monday evening according to the local news.

The accident happened some time around 11 p.m. when the man was driving on the left side of the Highway 3 and accidentally hit a boulder off the roadway. The vehicle spun around many times and rested on the driver’s side.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the man was taken to the Hospital as soon as the troopers arrived and his car was impounded.

Official reports show that the 77-year-old driver had his seat belt on at the time of the crash and that there were no other individuals involved in this accident. The Washington State Patrol is allegedly still investigating the accident but ruled out alcohol as one of the possible causes of the crash.

As a Vancouver car accident lawyer I hope that the driver will recover quickly and that the authorities will find out the real reasons behind this accident so similar crashes can be prevented in the near future.

I, a personal injury lawyer wish that drivers all across the Nation would be extremely cautious when it comes to distracted and even drowsy driving. Both behaviors can pose severe threats to you and your loved ones.

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