Distracted Driver Caused Fatal Chain Collision, Texted Before Crash

A 19-year-old who reportedly sent and received 11 text messages just before hitting the back of a tractor truck, caused a fatal chain collision in Missouri. The news articles from the time of the accident reported that the accident involved the teen’s pickup truck, the tractor truck he drove into at 55 mph and two school buses following right behind the teen.

The unfortunate and entirely preventable accident claimed the lives of the distracted teen and a 15-year-old who was riding in one of the buses. According to the local news, the kids were headed to the Six Flags St. Louis amusement park on that day. Local Police enforcement claims no text or phone call should be more important than the countless lives we put in danger every time we handle our phones behind the wheel.

The authorities hope that this accident will serve as a real example of the severe consequences of texting and driving, which is already an illegal practice in several states. Pulling to a side street so you can call or text someone is much more responsible than trying to do so while driving. Using a headset while behind the wheel can also keep you from losing track of what happens around you and downloading an app that will block your phone every time it senses you’re driving can also help you to stay away from the temptation of engaging in this highly risky practice.

As a Renton car accident lawyer I send my thoughts to the relatives of the young teens who lost their lives as a result of this tragic accident, I truly hope similar accidents will be forever eradicated.

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