Rx Lockers Recalled, Containers Could Open Unexpectedly

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the product’s manufacturer Locker Brand Inc. Of Henderson, Nevada is recalling certain Medicine Bottle Storage Containers.

Consumers are being advised they should stop using these items due to the possibility the product’s lock can become loose, which could lead the container to open unexpectedly. This issue could pose a threat since unauthorized individuals could have access to the medicine that is stored inside these containers.

According to the federal agency, there are 59,600 units affected by this recall. The company has stated that no injuries or illnesses related to these products were reported so far.

As a Bellevue injury lawyer, I urge you to contact the company immediately. If you own one of these recalled units, you can return the item to the company at once and ask for a full refund. Do not delay.

If you or a dear friend is ever harmed through the use or consumption of a recalled product, keep it in mind that you could contact a personal injury lawyer in your city to fight for your legal right.

Infiniti Q45 Recalled, Air Bags Could Fail to Deploy

According to several news outlets, multiple models of the Infiniti Q45 vehicles manufactured by Nissan are being recalled over a possible issue with the car’s air bags.

The official statement has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it has demonstrated that about 5,700 units of the models 2003, 2004 and 2005 Infiniti Q45 sedans are equipped with an electrical wiring that could be disconnected if the driver or passenger attempt to adjust their seats.

This problem could lead to a probable malfunction of the vehicle’s air bag system, which could then result in the air bags failing to deploy in the event of a crash.

As an injury lawyer in Seattle I agree with the federal agency and hope all owners of the 2003 to 2005 Infiniti Q45 vehicles will contact the company at once to schedule a free inspection. The company has claimed that if necessary, a repair of the vehicle’s wiring system will be provided free of charge.

Don’t wait until you’re injured to respond to a recall, act fast and ensure the safety of your loved ones.